"My goal is to generate extra 10 billion PLN for treating patients"

Stanisław Pisarski
President / Corporate Strategy Adviser,
Factor Consulting
“Envision your bold future, and then relentlessly make it happen.”

Stanislaw Pisarski


Stanislaw is the Senior and Managing Partner of Factor Consulting, and at the same time serves as the Corporate Strategy Advisor in all key projects requiring advanced strategic prowess. Believer in enterprise agility, systemic solutions and real time decision making, his office is mostly wherever he travels, still maintaining situational awareness and offering operational support to both his team and Factor Consulting clients.

Stanislaw has served at all organizational levels in a great number of projects and enterprises, settling finally for the role of a lead consultant for chairmen of the board and other senior corporate officers. His versatile experience and deep understanding of business processes make him an indispensable component of all strategic development sessions and reorganization or crises management committees.

Over the years of his service to business organizations and institutions, Stanislaw has made his mark in a number of industries and even larger number of companies. He served as a key strategic advisor to the Board, in what was so far the largest process of industry consolidation, and one of the rare success stories of mergers and acquisitions in Poland, resulting in tenfold increase in enterprise value. His expertise in strategy and business model designs coupled with his skill of translating huge ideas into small, everyday actions, proves to be the key ingredient of all projects he is involved in.

His proprietary operational control system, both in analog and digitalized versions has over the years made a huge impact in large corporations and SMEs. His bold model of industry consolidation and professionalization, has permanently changed the face of clinical trials sector in Poland through the strategy implementation of his authorship by the largest and most innovative SMO in Poland.

Working directly on or overseeing countless strategic change projects, he has inspired fundamental shifts and operational practices in clients from chemical, healthcare, ICT, automotive, retailing, HoReCa, construction, manufacturing industries and sectors.
„Look back to improve the imperfect, not to ponder your doubts”

Stanisław Pisarski


Stanislaw is well known among associates, clients and friends for his unshakable integrity and moral fiber. He is the source of boundless energy for his team and clients when challenges wear them down. He is the last to step off the battleground, and the first to celebrate hard-earned successes.

Being a person of firm beliefs and unswerving loyalty to his clients and associates, Stanislaw will not consider a role in a consulting project without the complete support of key stakeholders. He preaches the virtue of owners’ value maximization, never at the cost of fundamental ethical standards.

For Stanislaw, every organization is in the state of continuous improvement, every manager is a change agent, every employee is a potential value generator. To progress is to keep pushing forward, with bravery and determination. To improve is to substitute intuition and haphazard behaviors for systemic actions driven by hard empirical data. To succeed is to reliably see all plans through to the desired end.

Even though Stanislaw is passionately dedicated to his consulting mission, his devotion to his family surpasses that for his work. He is the proud father of three talented sons, who decided to pursue diverse career paths, and a devoted husband to a wife who stands by him in every endeavor and fills him with energy to face new challenges.